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Cabinetry Lighting

The importance of professional lighting design can mean the difference between a lifetime of satisfying cooking experiences, or one of literally cooking in the dark. Well planned kitchen lighting design is functional but it can also be used to enhance the d├ęcor. Compliment your cabinets, countertops, fixtures, flooring, appliances, furniture and food with the expert services of the Kitchen EnCounters designers.

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting - 101

When considering kitchen lighting design it is important to create multiple layers of lighting including ambient lighting, accent lighting as well as decorative lighting.

Examine the amount of space and try to imagine the opportunities that you have in considering different categories of kitchen lighting design to create an inviting and livable space.

Ambient Lighting - This is the general light in the room. This type of kitchen lighting is needed for all casual activities. This can be achieved through the use of reflected light for different surfaces. An example of this is track lighting.

Task Lighting - An example is under-cabinet lights since they make excellent task lighting. This kind of kitchen lighting is commonly achieved with small light sources using higher and more focused levels of light with a combination of under cabinet lights and overhead lights that are strategically located. This type of lighting will be mostly found in closets, pantries, cabinets, or drawers.

Decorative Lighting - This type of kitchen lighting can add sophistication and color to a space.

Down Lighting - Down lighting is energy efficient and consists of small aperture cans in the ceiling. They can produce a longer lamp life, minimize glare and produce a bright crisp light.

Low Voltage Track and Mono Rail Lighting - These lighting systems can offer an interesting and more flexible type of lighting and are easy to install. They can be hand-bent and shaped to provide architectural interest. Low voltage lighting dims more easily and lights decorative objects and surfaces dramatically.

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